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tv   [untitled]    October 5, 2010 1:30pm-2:00pm PST

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commission and explaining what the economic interests are so it is clear what the role of necessity will being vote. is any question about the role of necessity or declared interest by this mayor on state related business? >> the way the rule works is that it applies where there is only one person who made legally participate in the decision. another person who can veto the measure is the mayor. that is how the analysis work. -- that is how the analysis
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would work. in your memo to me and the board, the mayor has a conflict of interest. they have been into a staff that this is not the case. never mind, excuse me. let's take a rollcall vote. >> aye. >> aye. >> aye. >> aye. >> no. >> aye. >> no.
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>> aye. >> aye. >> this is not approved over the mayor's veto. >> this is appropriating $2.2 million to provide indigent defense expenses before the superior court. >> aye. >> aye. >> aye. >> aye. >> aye. >> aye. >> aye. >> aye. >> aye. >> aye. >> aye.
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>> there are 11 ayes. >> the site and is passed on the first reading. -- this item is passed on the first reading. next item. >> 12. this is to modify the modification of a lease with japan air lines. >> same house, col. >> next item. >> item 13, this is a resolution received in approving the 25 credit log a message read business improvement report. >> same house, col. >> item 14. exempting certain on profits from guide permit. >> in house, same call. this item passes. >> item 15, item requiring that health code to amend the help code by requiring the help or to declare one month out of the
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your restaurant appreciation month. >> thank you, president chiu. according to the local tourism europe, restaurants are with the main reasons people come here. they contributed local cottage by providing jobs for thousands of people and in recent years, they employed nearly 10% of all direct jobs in san francisco. i would like to thank the department of public health for offering to establish this selection process and i like to think a small business commission has recommended this
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ordinance for approval. i would also like to think supervisor campos who has a friendly amendment of that he would like to make that only strengthened this. i urge your support. >> thank you very much, mr. president. thank you supervisor, alioto- pier -- thank you supervisor of alioto-pier. i support to this. i think this is a great idea. the amendment to them would like to make and all of you should have a copy of this is to have a statement on page two, line 16. let me say about the purpose of the amendment. on supervisor mar along with my office had been working on an issue that is very important to
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many communities around san francisco. working with many groups in the progressive worker alliance. we have been trying to figure out ways to promote responsible business practices in san francisco. we would like to make sure that the restaurants to treat their employees with respect and abide by all applicable inclement lunch. but many restaurants do that, unfortunately there has been abuse that has been documented. the chinese progressive association released a report that among many things found that 50% of the workers interviewed for that particular study were not paid a minimum wage and. this is happening around the
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city. they found that 46% of the workers had been injured on the job and talking about half and 90% were not receiving health insurance. that is the purpose of the amendment. and the process of selecting these restaurants that as part of the criteria we look at the way in which employees are being treated. that is something that is consistent with the work of these community groups and young workers united, navy appreciate the work that the restaurant workers have been doing. this amendment would be on line
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16 at page two compare our 3 which reads as follows "the criteria application and selection process should include a review and analysis of the restaurant labor practices towards its employees including but not limited to the regular and overtime wage rates. they've have saved the particles, workers' compensation and insurance coverage plans, coverage options that are offered to employees. family policies, and nondiscrimination policies. i hereby make a motion. >> any discussion? can we had thought that without objection? this is adopted. any further discussion?
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can we take this ordinance as amended, same house, sam call? without objection, this is passed against amended. item 16. >> this is to rename the 17th street project that as the chain warner process -- jane warner plaza. >> many of you are familiar with jane warner. . but to read a brief letter. yesterday, i saw her wife and many of her friends and i received a letter from her mother and two sisters from olympia, washington. "the family like to see this become a reality.
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even in the last month of her life, she expressed her desire to be working for the safety of the merchants, the homeless and indigent, and even for the dogs and cats. we have heard testimony from many people have said that she made a difference in their lives. she found jobs, paid for shelter and food and even helped people to straighten out their lives. she saw a need for all of the branches for police work to be actively involved in the city. she had a desire to work comfortably. her work lives on in the castro to be. the plaza is a fitting and well- deserved tribute and a moral to want to cared so much about people."
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this was signed by her mother and sisters. thank you. >> any additional discussion? supervisor campos. >> if i may, mr. president, without belaboring the point, i would like to think supervisor dufty for introducing this item. i had the pleasure of working with jane morning during my tenure at the police commission. i have to say that i get to meet someone who was more dedicated to having meaningful community policing not only in the castro and in the mission but throughout san francisco. i think that this is an important step but also the first that in honoring the chain's memory because there are many issues that she fought for that remain issues today and in
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a time of limited resources i think at some point, we need to revisit the issue of what the role of a specialist should be and the way in which community policing happens in the inner- city. this is something that cheyne worked very hard towards and unfortunately it was very difficult. i see this as a first that in honoring her many -- from memory. we thank you for your reservist to the city and county of san francisco. >> in 2005 and 2006, it was jane warner who walked with us in the early part of our system. if you want to look at to the resources, there are very active
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members which miss warner was possible the most active champions of trying to promote community policing. for that, we will always be grateful. >> unless there is any discussion, can we take this item same house, called? >> item 17 is an ordinance amending the code to change the different categories for the animal care control welfare fund and to authorize the department of animal care and control to accept gifts of cash, equipment, property, and services not to exceed $50,000. >> same house, same call. >> item 18, resolution responding to presiding judge of the superior court on the findings and recommendations of the report entitled "sharing the
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roadway." >> a house, call. >> item 19. ordinance amending the san francisco planning cut by adding sections 77 to establish 1800 market street community center project special use district. >> the proposed special use district is being established in order to provide for a compatible revenue generating commercial and economic development and use and the portion of the lesbian alliance and k and transgendered committee center. -- a portion of the lesbian, gay, transgendered, and bi
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community center. thanks to all of your colleagues here and especially supervisor composts. we established a mortgage guarantee for the center this year that allows the center to stay to $1,000 over the ensuing five years in interest costs. this measure will enable the center to increase our revenue will continuing to serve the community. our goal is to see a restaurant or entertainment use that will increase the number of people coming to the center and the center itself will determine the best operator for the site in a process that will involve community input. one idea is a restaurant operator to provide work force training and development.
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-- has pledged to continue and ongoing involvement to help if that is something we are able to do. this measure allows for the center to have an important and needed additional revenue stream that will ensure its financial viability and strength in the years to come. i appreciate everyone's supporting this measure. >> thank you. unless there is additional discussion. let's take a roll call. >> aye. >> aye. >> aye. >> aye. >> aye. >> aye. >> aye. >> aye. >> aye. >> aye.
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>> this ordinances passed on the first reading. we have a number of special order items today at 2:33. i would like to ask that we pass over to item 34 and just go through the committee reports for now. >> item 34-36 are considered by the rules committee at a regular meeting on thursday, september 20th, september -- 2010. item 34 confirms the appointment of r. james slaughter to the police commission. >> a roll-call vote -- actually, supervisor daily - -daly.
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>> in the time of post reform of the police commission, i know the effort around that charter amendment which it split appointments and also had a focus on getting commissioners who had more involvement with community just this kind of issues, whether this is on the police accountability side or that kind of thing and that was the spirit of it. i'm wondering what mr. slaughter's qualifications are from the kennedy justice perspective. -- community justice perspective. >> this is an important part of any application. the committee in the end recommended the appointment of this nominee based on a number
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of things. one of them was based on the questions that were asked and a pretty good understanding of the issues before the committee. one of the concerns i raised was the right before the hearing, there was a report in "the examiner," about the mayor feeling that this would allow the commission to have enough votes to head in a certain direction and this nominee was very clear that he was not going into this appointment with a specific agenda to push a specific set of issues forward. i feel confident and i imagine that other members of the committee will speak to that as well. and in terms of the social justice peace, even though this nominee is presently an attorney, there has been some involvement fees in the kennedy
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and we have had the head of legal services for children, he is a member of that board directors and he spoke about his involvement and his work with you. for me, based on the totality of the record that is before us, i feel that i did not have a basis to oppose this nomination and i think that he will do a joke -- a good job on the police commission. i tell know if any every member of the committee has anything to add. i like to echo the comments of my colleague, supervisor campos, the chairman of the rules committee. i think that mr. slaughter answered questions very sensitively. he had many people speaking on
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his behalf. what i felt was on honest answer about the efforts to show police and community efforts to make things safer among the immigrant groups. i know that his record was repeated by a number of people in the audits about his long involvement with different social justice issues, in particular supporting children and other efforts. i went into the meeting with some questions but i think that he responded very sensitively so i'm supportive of his appointment by the mayor. >> i have known mr. slaughter for a number of years and i appreciate my colleagues on the rules committee offering their support and schering was presented at the hearing.
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i also think about the fact that he has been involved as an attorney in complex issues is important. there's quite a bit of financial fraud taking place in the city. the financial crimes bureau has been short staff for a number of years. i believe that some of his legal experience will enable him to look at the importance of these cases. not a month goes by that i don't hear from a nonprofit that has lost money due to a financial crime and the difficulty of getting those cases pursued. as someone who is donated a lot of time to the work, i think that he will do an excellent job. >> any additional discussion? a roll-call vote on this nomination.
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>> aye. >> aye. >> aye. >> aye. >> aye. >> aye. >> no. >> aye. >> aye. >> aye. clucks this motion is approved. item 35. -- >> this motion is approved. item 35. >> item 35, the reappointment of one its board and to the planning board. -- of gweny -- of gwyneth borden
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to the planning commission. >> roll call vote. >> aye. >> aye. >> aye. >> aye. >> aye. >> aye. >> aye. >> aye. >> aye. >> item 36. >> resolution approving the retention of the office of santa clara county council to advise the city. >> i was a dissenting vote in committee on this item and die with my to explain why i voted against its parent from the with the city attorney publicly and running for mayor, i find it inappropriate for him to be making the mayoral succession pick in the city attorney's
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office. i would be comfortable if we did this. the suggestion that came to us in committee is a man who is specifically one person who is very qualified for the position but he did work for the city attorney in the past. there are ties to the san francisco city attorney's office. for the sake of appearances, most importantly, we should be picking someone who has no direct ties to the city attorney himself because this is the job specifically for merrill succession. i will be voting against this not because of any feelings for the attorney does been chosen or for the santa clara county counsel's office but because i think in this one particular instance, is should be quite frankly beyond question and to know tied to the city attorney's
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office at all. i am much more comfortable with the two other offices, both of oakland and san mateo county that have directed us to use for these two other issues at hand and i feel much more comfortable with that than i do with this one because this is specifically about mayoral succession. i will be voted against this. >> can they stand so that we can see them? and you. >> -- thank you. >> any other discussion? can we take a roll-call vote on item 36? >> aye. >> no. >> aye. >> aye. >> aye. >> aye.
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>> aye. >> aye. >> aye. >> aye. >> aye. >> this resolution is adopted. items 37 and 38 did not come up a committee. why don't we finish with item 39? >> item 39 was considered by the land use and development committee and was recommended as amended with the same title. this is a resolution supporting the efforts of the city of san francisco america's cup organizing committee to bring the 34th america's cup to the san francisco bay and encouraging bmw, oracle racing, and the golden gate yacht club to select san francisco as the official host city.
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>> thank you. we had a good meeting. this was a very robust. we had a lot of people there. i would like to thank my colleagues for coming to the meeting with us. the supervisor -- supervisor daily as some very good questions that we had answers for. -- supervisor daly asked some very good questions. it is helpful and good to have a lot of minds looking at this. i would like to thank both of them for coming and think of the people who came and the work that our cities have has done on this has been remarkable and i think that we are going to come up with a good solid bid. we are not a country, we don't
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have a king, we don't have a dictator, but we are the people of san francisco and we can do a lot. >> thank-you, supervisor. colleagues. if you're not to book at the land committee hearing. i was there for the first bit of it. i was able to watch the remainder late last night and into this morning, there were many questions that i raised. i know that there has been a great deal of pageantry of around this city's effort to post the 2013 america's cup but ultimately i think at this point which i think is very important we


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